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email2sms 'distribution lists'

Distribution lists via email2sms

You can use email2sms to send a single messages from your email client to a pre defined distribution list of mobile numbers.

Creating a distribution list

To create a distribution list, login to your account a follow the 'setup' menu, followed by 'manage distribution lists', or click here.

Creating an email address

Once you have checked through your list of numbers, go the 'email2sms' menu, followed by 'distribution list', or click here. From here you can associate a sending email address (the one setup in your email client) and the distribution list you have setup. After you have added the association, a 'key reference' will be shown. This is unique to that association and should be kept secret from the outside world.

Sending a message to your distribution list

To send a message to your distribution list, send an email to:

Example email address:

With the text message being taken as the first 160 characters of the subject and message body concatenated together. You will receive a confirmation/error message from the system notifying you if the messages have been sent out, or whether you do not have enough credit.

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