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SMS 2 Email About Us sign up for an account which allows you to send SMS via our email to sms gateway or via our website or HTTP post interface. The accounts also allow more advanced sms to email sending Technical explanations of how email to sms and sms to email operate Contact

bespoke development

Integrate your system with sms2email

Our developers are ready to help you create a highly customised solution using sms2email technology.

Outgoing information

Send out customised messages based on your customer information, allowing you to interface your database with our message sending capability. Let your customers know their service renewals are due, or that you are launching a new product they may be interested in, or the status of their orders with you.

Incoming information

Utilise the go-anywhere nature of SMS messaging to capture information in real time. Let potential customers make themselves known to you via SMS - we have experience in postcode capture and marketing you can build your campaign around. Other possibilities include the remote update of your systems using SMS - you can put the latest information on your website by sending an SMS message.

All of these examples relate to solutions we have developed to allow full customisation of the sms2email service. If you have an idea which involves our technology, but isn't covered by our standard account, then ask us for a quote.

Development Costs

Bespoke development price is based on a number of factors, including the time it will take to build the necessary solution. Most integration work can be carried out in a few days, but is always subject to a formal specification and contract. Our rate for bespoke development is currently 600 per day, subject to VAT.

Discuss your Ideas with us

If you wish to discuss your requirements, please contact us, or if you already have an sms2email account, you can ask our support team.

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