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content provision

WAP-push, images and ringtones

sms2email accounts include services to provide content beyond SMS text. You can promote your WAP content via WAP-push, send out images, and also monophonic or polyphonic ringtones. If you are looking for actual ringtone content please click here.


You can promote your WAP content by sending a WAP-push. This is received in a similar way to a text message, and prompts the user to load the WAP content. They are taken straight to the WAP location you specify when sending. Since most modern phones support WAP, this is an easy way to encourage people to start viewing your WAP site. WAP-push costs one message credit per 90 characters in your URL, and is subject to phone compatibility with the WAP service.

Picture Messaging

You can upload images to your sms2email account to send out to phones capable of receiving picture messages. This service costs one message credit from your sms2email account. Some phones may not be able to receive pictures above a certain size.


You can send both monophonic and polyphonic ringtones from your sms2email account. Currently, monophonic ringtones are only supported for Nokia phones, through our ringtone gateway.

Polyphonic ringtones for newer phones can be uploaded to your account and sent at a cost of one message credit. Polyphonic ringtones are essentially MIDI music files, although most phones have limits on the size of files they can accept to use as a ringtone.

Ringtone Content

(aq), the providers of the portal have strategic relationships with many of the leading ringtone, logo and java games providers. If you are operating a ringtone site, we can provide a reliable XML feed for all the latest content. We do not "sell" ringtones, but provide delivery of world-class content direct to your customers via premium SMS. This means that all content and delivery is managed by our platform, triggered via a secure XML connection from your website. The advantages are clear : Up to date content is always available, delivery and billing is our responsibility. Full delivery statistics are available both to content providers and to the content reseller via seperate secure interfaces. To view and preview our extensive catalogue of ringtones available for delivery via our platform, please click here. click here.

Ringtone Content Providers

We are always looking for new ringtone and logo content providers to add content to our portfolio. Using our content platform is the safest way to provide content to your customers. Our system ensures that every delivery of content is logged, helping to ensure that the correct commissions are paid both to the content provider and the PRS.

If you need more information about content provision or you are a content provider, please contact us, or if you already have an sms2email account, you can ask our support team.

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