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developer info

Receiving messages via HTTP post

When setting the textback options, there is a HTTP Post option which, what does it do? If you need to collect and store data from clients who sms our gateway with one of your keywords and you are capable of creating your own scripts, HTTP Post is for you. Basically, you have to have a script on your server that can handle information being sent to it. When setting up the HTTP POST option, you are prompted to fill in a URL in the Detail field. This URL is the location of the script (with http:// inc.) which you have written to handle the outgoing data from sms2email. We will check that the script exists before is it saved, then whenever a keyword is received the data will be sent to your script by opening a connection to your URL:

Then sending the data as an HTTP POST request. The variables to be picked up are:

sender: The originating number
time: The time it was received
message: The message that was received
keyword: The keyword that was used

This means that you can use the sms2email textback service and log the clients data via your own server and database rather than the data being stored on our system. We can also offer support and consultancy on this subject. In addition we can accept your SIM cards for incorporation into our modem banks. This will allow us to accept text messages on your own private number without the need for a keyword. Contact us for prices.

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