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SMS 2 Email About Us sign up for an account which allows you to send SMS via our email to sms gateway or via our website or HTTP post interface. The accounts also allow more advanced sms to email sending Technical explanations of how email to sms and sms to email operate Contact

email to sms

It's simple to have emails relayed as SMS text messages. Make it easy for friends and colleagues to contact you whilst you are on the move, or have important email notifications routed to your mobile phone. For a graphical representation click here (Flash required). To download our handy email to sms "how-to" guide, please click here. Email to sms is IDEAL for ebay outbid notifications.

Unique features include
  • Delivered to network notification (you receive an optional acknowledgement email).

  • Delivery to handset notification (you receive a second optional email when the message has been received by the phone).

  • Choose from 3 different mechanisms of email to sms (open sending, pre-defined and distribution)

  • Set originator on a per-message basis (include orig=... in the subject line).

Our award winning system uses multiple mailservers in different physical locations enabling high load capacity and reliability. For technical information click here.'s parent company, (aq) has been involved in providing multiple mailserver based email routing since 1999 - see

The email to sms service works in three ways: Simply choose how you would like to use this service to find out more...

How would you like to use the service?

I would like to send emails from 'my email address' to any mobile phone

I would like an email address that will relay messages to 'my mobile phone'

I would like an email address that will relay messages to a 'distribution list' on my account

Resellers... did you know?...

If you wanted to re-brand our email to sms gateway, our sister website allows you to register another domain -eg You can then re-sell our email to sms gateway as your own! Your customers would send their emails to

Simply, go to the aql site and search for a domain. When ordering, choose email forwarding as an added option. Please put in the comments box that you would like to use the domain with our email to sms gateway and it will be set up for you. Note : to ensure your clients do not get emails from our gateway, you must turn off delivery notification.

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