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frequently asked questions

category: Ebay Notification

How do i set up ebay outbid notifications via SMS?

Ebay ( issues outbid notifications via email. Our email to sms "pre-defined" service is ideal for use for outbid notifications from ebay. Ebay call this "adding a wireless email address"

To set up SMS notifications, first sign up and then log in and (click here) to enter an email to sms address. Eg if you enter fred123 and your mobile number, your email to sms address will be which will forward the first 160 characters of the email to your mobile

Then goto Ebay (

log in and go to :

- Change Notification Preferences
- tick the "outbid notice" box, and
- tick the "wireless email" box

- Click "sign up for Ebay alerts" Then click "wireless email status/signup"

- Go to your ebay homepage and click "preferences"
- you will then see under your personal information: "Change my wireless email address"

click this and enter the address you defined via our "pre-defined email to sms" page eg

you should then receive alerts when you are outbid etc..

More help available from technicians via our online support system.

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