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how it works

Please note: this is a brief overview, for more
in-depth information see our developers page

Figure 1.  Schematic of Internet based SMS text messaging service.

The schematic (figure 1) shows the important parts of the system that transports your information from an internet web page to someone's mobile phone. This is how our system can be used for marketing or alert purposes.

Using sms2email you can access our website securely from your PC or palmtop (1). You can send messages either directly via our website (2) or you can send an email to our system (3) which will be converted into a text message and sent to someones phone.

Once our systems have received the request via our website (2) or email (3) they are forwarded to the SMSCs (short message service centres) using a special communications protocol (SMPP - Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol).

This communicates with the message centre for your destination network and then the message is delivered via standard
GSM mobile technology (6).

If the user replies to the SMS text message (5) the system transports the message in the opposite direction.

From figure 1, it can be seen that there are several different networks and servers that the messages need to pass through in order to be delivered reliably. In order to ensure this, our systems are mirrored and monitored 24/7. We also maintain multiple email-to-sms gateways to allow for fast throughput and delivery.

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