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how it works

Please note: this is a brief overview, for more
in-depth information see our developers page

Figure 3.  Schematic of Internet based sms-to-email relaying.

Free service, no signup, just use it! Ok, so it's free but what is it?

sms2email relays SMS text messages as emails. Send an SMS to our memorable gateway number 07766 40 41 42 with the first word of the SMS the recipients email address. The SMS will then be relayed to the recipient via email almost instantaneously with only the standard charges from your network operator.

How about an example?

To send the email message "Fred, I will be late for the afternoon meeting." to, simply text... Fred, I will be late for the afternoon meeting.

to the number...

07766 40 41 42

and sms2email will relay this SMS via email to...

Why not try it for yourself?

To put it simply you just text...

<email address> <space> <message>

To our gateway number...

07766 40 41 42

What if I don't have an "@" symbol or an "_" symbol on my phone?

Most mobiles support both "@" and "_" sysmobls, but if not you can use...

?? instead of @

!! instead of _

How do they reply ?

When you send via our gateway, the message will arrive at your friends/colleagues inbox as "from :"

If you have an account, you can set up any replies to to be forwarded back to your mobile as a text message (up to 160 characters). It costs 1 text message credit per reply received.

This is called email-to-sms - you can also use email-to-sms to send text messages from your pc mail account - click here for more info. (link to email2sms page)

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