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server monitoring

If you run your own server (mailserver, webserver etc) which is critical to your business, you may want to monitor it 24/7/365 and be notified if there are any problems. The sms2email monitoring service allows you to do this as an upgrade to the standard sms account. The upgrade allows you to enter the IP address and port numbers for up to 10 servers. In addition, we also upgrade your sms account from least-cost to best-quality routing for SMS delivery (sms delivery is never guaranteed, but we can route via better quality gateways for more critical sms services, such as our monitoring service).

If you are running a business-critical mailserver, you may also wish to consider the (aq) secondarymail service. Combined with sms monitoring, this will help to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

The sms2email server monitoring service is based on an annual fee of £100+vat, this excludes the cost of SMS messages used (which are chargeable at the rates shown on the buy sms page. To setup the sms2email server monitoring service click here.

A one month trial service is available to existing account holders, please contact us with your account username and we will upgrade your account to allow you to use the sms notification/monitoring facility for 1 calendar month.

In short, server monitoring is used by server owners and administrators to probe their servers every 15 minutes and make sure that they are "up". Any time the server is not contactable, sms2email sends a text message to the server administrator informing them of a likely problem.

Setup sms server monitoring >>

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